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Recent Posts in New Laws Category

Title IX Changes Are Coming!

If You Are in College, You Need to Read This and Follow Me for Updates! What is Title IX? Title IX is a federal law that protects students from being discriminated against based on sex. Schools and ...
Continue reading "Title IX Changes Are Coming!" »

New Law for Street Racing in Georgia

WHAT IS RECKLESS STUNT DRIVING? This new law is called "Reckless Stunt Driving." It will crack down pretty harshly on street racers in Georgia. Here's what you need to know about ...
Continue reading "New Law for Street Racing in Georgia" »

Long Probation Sentences May See Some Relief in Georgia

One of every 18 Georgians is on probation. This equates to more than 200,000 people on probation in the state. Despite efforts for reform in 2017, Georgia still has more citizens on probation per ...
Continue reading "Long Probation Sentences May See Some Relief in Georgia" »

How to Prepare For Virtual Hearings

Since the onset of the worldwide pandemic, most institutions have had to resort to remote work. Courtroom hearings have not been spared either. Now, the legal fraternity and the public has to get used ...
Continue reading "How to Prepare For Virtual Hearings" »

How to Get Your Mugshot Removed from the Internet

Legal issues are always troublesome. It is made worse by websites that attempt to profit from your misfortune. They grab your mugshot and post it publicly, in the hopes that you will pay to have it ...
Continue reading "How to Get Your Mugshot Removed from the Internet" »

Title IX and Campus Sexual Assault cases - New Updates to Know About

College campuses all over the country are required to change the way they investigate sexual assaults on college campuses. However, the standard of proof to find a student "responsible" (aka ...
Continue reading "Title IX and Campus Sexual Assault cases - New Updates to Know About" »

Home Booze Delivery: Easing Alcohol Purchase Restrictions in Georgia

Georgians now have the legal right to have their favorite alcoholic beverages delivered to their doorsteps albeit with a couple of restrictions. Georgia Governor Kemp signed HB 879 into law to enable ...
Continue reading "Home Booze Delivery: Easing Alcohol Purchase Restrictions in Georgia" »

COVID-19 Pandemic: Giving Businesses in Georgia Legal Immunity

Health care, businesses and more are winning with Georgia's Covid-19 Business Safety Act as the law is based on increasing flexibility for essential care and assistance during the pandemic. The ...
Continue reading "COVID-19 Pandemic: Giving Businesses in Georgia Legal Immunity" »

Gambling in Georgia: What It Will Bring

On December 11, 2019, members of the Georgia Legislature met to discuss a hot topic: Gambling. No, they weren’t shooting dice in the corner of the room (at least, I hope not!). They were ...
Continue reading "Gambling in Georgia: What It Will Bring" »

Spoofing In Georgia Could Be Banned

This year, the Georgia Legislature may pass a bill to end what is known as “spoofing.” What is spoofing you say? Telemarketers use “spoofing” technology to contact consumers. ...
Continue reading "Spoofing In Georgia Could Be Banned" »


Georgia has enacted a new law that directly affects Criminal Bond Orders on Family Violence and Civil Family Violence Orders. These are commonly called “no contact provisions” and ...

Georgia's new Distracted Driving Law

A few years ago, Georgia implemented a “no texting while driving” law. Unfortunately, there were way too many loopholes in it and officers were unable to prove drivers were actually ...
Continue reading "Georgia's new Distracted Driving Law" »
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