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Recent Posts in Criminal Defense Category


Georgia has enacted a new law that directly affects Criminal Bond Orders on Family Violence and Civil Family Violence Orders. These are commonly called “no contact provisions” and ...

Georgia's new Distracted Driving Law

A few years ago, Georgia implemented a “no texting while driving” law. Unfortunately, there were way too many loopholes in it and officers were unable to prove drivers were actually ...
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Enotah DA Disqualified from Man's Case Due to Attorney Richman's Quick Thinking

Jeff Langley, the Enotah Circuit District Attorney, is no longer permitted to prosecute Jonathon Morgan due to a breach of client-attorney confidentiality. Jonathon Morgan, a client of Attorney Andrew ...
Continue reading "Enotah DA Disqualified from Man's Case Due to Attorney Richman's Quick Thinking" »

Richman Law Firm Client Acquitted on All Charges

In a case which has just recently come to a close, a Richman Law Firm client was acquitted of all felony charges of impersonating a police officer. This case was a highly satisfying victory for our ...
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Adults in Dawson County Are Facing Fines for Underage Drinkers

Its official — after a vote on Thursday, July 2, Dawson County adults can now be fined for knowingly hosting underage drinkers. This makes Dawson County the second in the state with such an ...
Continue reading "Adults in Dawson County Are Facing Fines for Underage Drinkers" »

Georgia Trend Lists Attorney AJ Richman as a 2014 Legal Elite Attorney

Attorney AJ Richman was included in Georgia Trend, where his excellence as a Cumming criminal defense lawyer gained him recognition as a 2014 Legal Elite attorney for Criminal Law. This prestigious ...
Continue reading "Georgia Trend Lists Attorney AJ Richman as a 2014 Legal Elite Attorney" »

The Marijuana Wasn't Mine!

All too often clients call me and say, "The marijuana wasn't mine"! And really, it wasn't. The problem is, police officers and prosecutors hear this claim of innocence everyday and ...
Continue reading "The Marijuana Wasn't Mine!" »

I Got a DUI Over Memorial Day Weekend. What Do I Do Now?

Your three-day holiday weekend is ruined. On Sunday, at about 7:00 a.m., you were finally released from the jail on bond. You're still in the same clothes you had on last night. Your car is in the ...
Continue reading "I Got a DUI Over Memorial Day Weekend. What Do I Do Now?" »

Theft by Shoplifting - Could it happen to you?

It is lunchtime and you want to get some shopping done. Kohl's is having a sale and you have a $10.00 gift card to use. You figure what better way to spend the lunch break than to buy some goods. ...
Continue reading "Theft by Shoplifting - Could it happen to you?" »

Escaped Prisoner Back in Custody

My client escaped from the Lumpkin County Jail and has been caught. Now, the Sheriff's Office has applied for more warrants, all of which the Richman Law Firm will have to defend and beat! The ...
Continue reading "Escaped Prisoner Back in Custody" »

"How Much Do You Charge"?

The Richman Law Firm receives numerous phone calls from potential clients everyday. We answer questions about DUI license suspension, bond issues, and other various issues about a criminal case. ...
Continue reading ""How Much Do You Charge"?" »

"FORE!" What you need to know about Georgia's new golf cart law

Earlier this year, Gov. Deal enacted a new law passed by the Georgia Legislature that changes the rules for golf carts on our state’s roads. While the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office sent ...
Continue reading ""FORE!" What you need to know about Georgia's new golf cart law" »

Slow Down! How Speeding Tickets Can Affect You

Speeding is the number one ticket police officers write. They can have a significant impact on your insurance, and will show up on your criminal driver history. (Personally, I've seen speeding ...
Continue reading "Slow Down! How Speeding Tickets Can Affect You" »

Arrested? How the Court System Works

Getting arrested is an emotional rollercoaster. It can and will affect the rest of your life. Clients hire me with the expectation that I can get their charges reduced or dropped. Others hire me ...
Continue reading "Arrested? How the Court System Works" »

Chug, Chug, Chug: Underage Drinking

College is a time when you find out who you really are and experience the world from a brand new perspective – one that does not include under the watchful eye of loving parents. With this ...
Continue reading "Chug, Chug, Chug: Underage Drinking" »

Just Say No

Drug screens aren’t always what they appear. My client, let’s call him Doug, learned that the hard way. Doug was on probation for a crime he admitted to doing. Doug was honest with the ...
Continue reading "Just Say No" »

Victory for the Victim

One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. My client, let's call her Laura, is one of those women. Laura was beaten day after day, month after month, and year after ...
Continue reading "Victory for the Victim" »

Charges Dropped, Charges Reduced

My client, let’s call him John, is a professional and holds advanced graduate degrees. John had a lot to lose if he was convicted of a crime. John, was pulled over by a cop in Dawson County for ...
Continue reading "Charges Dropped, Charges Reduced" »

This Blows

Did you know that handheld breathalyzers are all over market and sold in stores like Brookstone and Sharper Image? They typically cost about $50, operate on AA batteries, and are about the size of a ...
Continue reading "This Blows" »

Boating Under the Influence

New Laws in Place for Boats on Lake Lanier With more than 30,000 acres of crystal blue water, Lake Lanier provides Georgia residents with a place to have fun with family and friends during the hot ...
Continue reading "Boating Under the Influence" »
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