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Client Testimonials

    "Great Trial Attorney"
    Mr. Richman represented me in a traffic case. He was competent, professional and comfortable in the courtroom. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a trial lawyer.
    - CD
    "Incredibly Responsive"
    AJ was very helpful and incredibly responsive with developments in my case. He was knowledgeable and very helpful throughout the process. AJ was successful in receiving the best possible outcome for my case.
    - Zach
    "A Great Attorney!"
    AJ was extremely helpful. He was great about getting back to me quickly and his knowledge of the laws helped a great deal. Worth every penny.
    - Rich
    "Outstanding Attorney Who Truly Cares."
    I will begin by stating that Mr. Richman was more productive, informative, and expressed more care and concern in one week than my previous attorney did in over two years. Several years ago I retained an attorney to represent me in what appeared to be a relatively simple case that should have been resolved long ago. However, after giving me a pep talk and taking my money, the attorney was mostly unresponsive to my calls, rarely answered my questions or addressed my concerns, and did very little, if anything with my case. Meanwhile, the case drug on and on and become more and more complicated. Well, I finally had enough a decided it was time for a change. After some research and recommendations from other attorneys I decided to give Mr. Richman a call. It didn't take long to realize that my experience with Mr. Richman would be much different than my experience with the prior attorney. Within a matter of days of contacting Mr. Richman, we had already met and discussed the case in detail, he had thoroughly reviewed the facts and details, and was already at the court house filing motions and getting things done. For the first time, I knew I had a competent and compassionate attorney on my side who was willing and able to fight to get positive results. In short, you will not regret retaining Mr. Richman as an attorney or having him as a friend.
    - CD
    "Professional, Personable & Informative"
    My experience in retaining Andrew J. Richman was a positive experience. He was objective in conveying potential good news and bad news before I retained him. Andrew was very informative of potential outcomes regarding my case. Because A.J. was diligent in keeping me apprised of the process, there were no surprises. A.J. openly discussed his strategy for representing me and was very transparent. The only stipulation I needed to adhere to was his advice of "Don't discuss your case with people. I'm your attorney and I'm in your corner. Discuss any concerns or question you have with me. I'm available to you." A.J.'s advice to me of maintaining confidentiality allowed him to conduct his representation of me more effectively. A.J. used every shred of information to contradict the opposing counsel. Even the opposing counsel's witnesses contradicted themselves based on A.J.'s methodical and deliberate line of questioning. A.J. was not afraid to object on my behalf. I attribute A.J.'s confidence, in part, to his time spent as a prosecutor. The remainder of A.J.'s confidence derives from his diligent effort in his research and retained knowledge. Ultimately, A.J. won the case for me. I would recommend anyone to the professional level of representation he provides.
    - LD
    "Very Responsive & Knowledgeable"
    AJ was very responsive when I reached out to him to help me with a traffic violation in White County. He was quite knowledgeable and laid out all my options for me very clearly. We ended with a favorable outcome for my case and I'm happy with his services.
    - Speeding Ticket Client
    "Exceeded Expectations!"
    I spoke with several attorneys before contacting AJ. The second I got off the phone I knew he was the lawyer I wanted to hire. He was confident, well-spoken, and nonjudgmental. During the legal process, all lines of communication remained open and I was able to call/text/email any time I had a question. AJ continually kept me informed of the process every step of the way as well. With AJ as my lawyer, I knew my best interest was at heart. I trusted him and was 100% confident in his abilities. He exceeded my expectations, and I know he worked for ME, and not just for a paycheck.
    - Criminal Defense client
    "AJ is the Lawyer for You!"
    I was charged with a DUI in White County, GA, and AJ was able to get it reduced to reckless driving. AJ not only achieved the result I wanted, but he kept me informed and explained what was happening each step of the way. If you are looking for an attorney that cares about you as a person and not just as a client, AJ is the clear choice. Not only did he provide the same, if not better, services than other attorneys in the area, he did so without overcharging. AJ told me exactly what he was going to do, and he did it. As a client, I was able to contact AJ and get a prompt response from him. He took the time to clearly explain what was going on instead of just telling me what he was doing. Most people don't fully understand the process and some attorneys don't care enough to sit down and really make you feel like you are part of the process. With AJ, you not only receive his expertise and excellent legal services, you have a legal representative who is fully involved in your case and with providing the results you want. AJ is professional in his dealings, and you will feel safe in knowing he is handling your case!
    - Robert
    "Exceeded Expectations!"
    I spoke with several attorneys before contacting AJ. The second I got off the phone I knew he was the lawyer I wanted to hire. He was confident, well-spoken, and nonjudgmental. During the legal process, all lines of communication remained open and I was able to call/text/email any time I had a question. AJ continually kept me informed of the process every step of the way as well. With AJ as my lawyer, I knew my best interest was at heart. I trusted him and was 100% confident in his abilities. He exceeded my expectations, and I know he worked for ME, and not just for a paycheck.
    - CD
    "5 Star Attorney!!"
    I had the good fortune to discover The Richman Law Firm when searching for an attorney to represent us regarding our legal needs. AJ Richman demonstrated an impressive, comprehensive knowledge of the legal system. Additionally, he showed sincere concern and compassion for us as clients. As our advocate, AJ fought tirelessly for the best outcome of our case. I would highly recommend the Richman Law Firm to those in need of legal services.
    - C.O.
    "Aj is awesome!"
    Last December I was charged with party to the crime of distribution, I was beyond fortunate to have Aj as my attorney. He talked me through everything I needed, even gave me guidelines for appropriate attire, and was always there to answer any questions I had concerning the case. I honestly felt cared for by him, and that I was more than just a form of payment but that he truly wanted to help me win this case. Though I did not take my case to trial he got me a more than favorable plea bargain, and I could not be more thankful for such an awesome attorney. He definitely knows his stuff and is prepared to fight for the outcome he wants.
    - Breanna
    "Working with this firm has been phenomenal."
    Working with this firm has been phenomenal. Navigating the criminal justice system was intimidating, to say the least, especially as a first time offender, but Attorney Richman guided me through the process at every turn. I was told what to expect - the best and the worst case scenarios were spelled out for me - so that I could make informed choices throughout. Even after my case was closed, Attorney Richman followed through to make sure that I was satisfied.
    - Helen W.
    "A.J. Richman immeasurably improved the rest of my life through his dedication to my success."
    Over the past 5 years, I have retained several law firms to represent my interest in a very serious and complex criminal battle. After discovering that previous attorneys had been markedly over charged and under represented in the past, I was dedicated to find the superlative counsel needed to successfully advocate my “Hail Mary” motion. I believe Experience/Knowledge and professional (yet personable) communication are the two most important virtues a winning attorney must possess. A.J. Richman excels in both. One only needs to review Mr. Richman’s rating or any other source of Esq. credentialing to realize that he is the most qualified criminal attorney in North Georgia and exceptionally effective in the Lumpkin County area. A.J.’s Attorney Profile on his website clearly demonstrates how his specialized background as a successful prosecutor conglomerates into the perfect skill set needed to advocate for his client’s criminal defense. His education, ethical ratings, and professional networks establish Mr. Richman as the best defender one can hope to have on their side. Mr. Richman uses innovative tools to communicate with his clients such as making it easier to interface with documents, dates, messaging, etc. However, his modernized and efficient methods do not detract from the great personal service that eclipses any other attorney I have contracted. A.J. patiently listened and demonstrated a clear understanding of both my case and my desire to comprehend all facets of the process. Mr. Richman’s confidence and honest assessments allowed me to enter the courtroom with the assurance that he was dedicated to achieving the best possible results. A.J. Richman immeasurably improved the rest of my life through his dedication to my success.
    - Mike
    ""AJ was Fantastic""
    AJ was very informative on a civil case- explaining very well the options and best way to proceed. His knowledge, information and follow-through was awesome. Would highly recommend AJ for your legal needs- he listens and cares. Thank you AJ!
    - ML
    "Best attorney ever!"
    After searching the web and calling many traffic attorney's for my son's traffic ticket, I came across Mr. Richman's web page. I read all of the positive comments that were left by other clients, so I took the risk and called him. Not only did he call me back promptly, he was extremely professional! He connected with my son on a personal level and handled his traffic violation. I would recommend AJ as he was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!
    - AJA
    "Absolutely the best"
    This was our first experience having to go to court for my son's car accident. Single car, his and no one was injured but him. I called the police for 3 days to try and find out if they were issuing him any citations, they never called back, so we assumed it was all good. 2 weeks later they came to our house and issued him his citations. I then called AJ before my son signed them and it was truly a blessing. He handled everything from then on. He kept us informed on the progress of our case and handled it all the way through court, which would have been very intimidating without him, but with AJ it all turned out great. Lengthy review I know, but we could not be happier with our experience as AJ as our lawyer.
    - Matt H
    "AJ helped me get my life back!"
    I was unfortunate enough to be dealing with two separate criminal cases at the same time. My previous attorney "dropped the ball" big time on my first case, and after getting out of jail, I was frantically searching for a new, better attorney to represent me in a much more serious case. Needless to say, I had just about lost all faith in attorneys in general. When I came across AJ's website, I knew he would be the right choice for me, as I had previously seen him in the courtroom on so many occasions that I actually thought he worked with the prosecuting office. AJ maintained constant contact throughout the process. He worked around my schedule, and in the end, he got me exactly what we had discussed in my consultation visit. I couldnt be happier with AJ! From the beginning, he told me he wanted to earn my referral. AJ, you got a lifetime referral source right here buddy! Thank you!
    - Josh
    ""Best trial attorney!""
    We hired AJ Richman for a civil suite in Hall County. He was responsive to emails, phone calls, and even texts. I was able to save valuable time by sending him things electronically and speaking to him right away. He attempted to reach a settlement but unfortunately, the defendant would not budge. AJ prepared for a trial by researching case law, policies specific to the incident location, and preparing witnesses. He showed up the day of court and knew the case in and out. During trial, he commanded the courtroom and certainly impressed me. I watched him annihilate the defendant while she was testifying. Best of all, we won the case! I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.
    - Adam
    "AJ is the best!"
    After doing extensive research, I found that AJ had favorable reviews and decided to have a consultation with him about petitioning for early release of my probation in Forsyth County. I found him to be very professional, yet easy to talk to and he put things in a way that I could really understand. While I was expecting a hearing date within 90 days, the entire process took 3 weeks and I was extremely satisfied with the end results. ( AJ got the judge to sign a consent order and no hearing was necessary! ) AJ is a great attorney, but just as importantly, a great guy, and I would recommend him to anyone who is facing ANY legal predicament. Thanks for helping me AJ, you rock!
    - Chris R.
    "Won Our Trial!"
    AJ represented me in a civil "dog bite" case. Although the law was on my side, I knew that I needed to hire an attorney that was proficient in the courtroom; someone exceptionally knowledgeable of Georgia law. From filing the statement of claim, to reassuring me during the trial, AJ intuitively knew my exact needs for the case and was always steps ahead of me. AJ sincerely listened and treated me with dignity and respect. I could not have dreamed of better representation or a more satisfying outcome for my case.
    - Sarah
    "AJ was a real professional"
    I had a driving violation in which I was driving with my high beams on. Although these types of violations usually do not have points, they do go on driver's record. AJ did contact the prosecutor ahead of my court date and was able to change the citation to equipment failure and reduced the fine from $175 to $100. I couldn’t be happier. He showed up on time and took care of the whole thing and I was out of the court room in no time. I have him added to my contacts and he is my attorney going forward for any issues I may have. Nonetheless, I will definitely recommend him to my friends.
    - Mehdi A.
    "I do not like Lawyers, but AJ is not your normal lawyer. He's a saint."
    AJ Richman was an absolute savior. If your looking for an angel in disguise to represent you, there is no other attorney. Not only does he fight for the best outcome, but he relieves the stress involved throughout the entire process. You always know what is going on, when things are happening, what he needs you to do, and what you have asked of him. And that is all trackable and right at your fingertips 24x7, with his MyCase Website. As I stated, he went back several times to negotiate my outcome based on things I additionally asked him to fight for, and the outcome was even better than my ask. Most folks do not believe in lawyers, but AJ is an exception to the rule. Do yourself a favor. Make the call.
    - Keith
    "Extremely Professional and Straight Forward"
    AJ represented me in my recent DUI case. I chose him after speaking with other attorneys because he seemed the most straightforward, honest, and caring. AJ was by my side from the very first phone call inquiring for a consultation until the very end. AJ not only fought for the best outcome, but he also spent time explaining everything that was happening and what would happen next. Everytime I called AJ he answered, if I had a question on a late Sunday night Id shoot him a text and get an immediate reply. I hired AJ to represent me, and he went above and beyond.
    - Charles
    "Great company"
    AJ was great with my speeding ticket . He did much better than I have expeted . I would gladly recommend him to any of my friends .
    - robert s
    "Best Criminal Defense Attorney In My Experience"
    Richman Law Firm Loved it I had found myself in an unusual predicament, with a criminal speeding ticket and a warrant. I had already moved away a year prior, and did not know what to do. Many "online attorneys" seemed to be trying to scare me with extremely terrifying consequences, immediately advising me to retain their counsel. I ended up finding AJ, and after reading his impressive credentials and reviews, decided to call him. Was pleasantly surprised to reach him directly, and in the entire time my case was open, I have only spoken to AJ himself via phone, which is nice. It took some time to get the case resolved, but in the end, AJ was patient, knowledgeable, and definitely was more than willing to work with my circumstances, and to negotiate a favorable outcome with the DA. Everything worked out well, I ended up getting my ticket resolved, warrant released, no points, and license is in process of being unsuspended. For an out-of-state case and given all circumstances things went as well as I could've hoped and I would highly recommend AJ to anyone in need of a solid lawyer.
    - Joe C.
    "Hands Down - The Best!"
    I never received a speeding ticket in my life and was petrified at the charges and what it could mean to my driving record. I knew I needed guidance and assistance from a trained professional. I contacted several attorneys but immediately after speaking to AJ I felt comfortable, at ease. He listened and treated me with dignity and respect. He isn't an ordinary lawyer. He treats you like family. He guided me every step of the way. I couldn't have asked for a better representation or a more favorable outcome. If you ever need a criminal trial lawyer look no further than AJ and his firm.
    - C S
    "Excellent lawyer!!!"
    AJ made what seemed like a nightmare to be a not-such-bad experience for our family. His experience and knowledge made a big difference when it came to manage our case. The outcome was probably the best we could have got.
    - Al
    ""AJ Richman rocks!""
    Mr. Richman is the absolute best attorney you could ever hope to find. Trying to find a great criminal defense attorney when you really need one is like swimming through sharky waters while you are bleeding. AJ is a life boat. While on vacation, my fiancée and I had each been speared with really bogus criminal charges by local police who knew we were from out of town. Mr. Richman came highly recommended; and I immediately knew he was the attorney I needed when we met for consultation. AJ compassionately listened to my dilemma and then thoroughly explained the process I could expect. He kept me informed of all relevant developments through the process and promptly responded to all of my concerns. He fiercely fought for us every inch of the way and delivered the results he promised. He beat a very nasty and zealous prosecutor down into our cases being dismissed completely. It was a sweet feeling to walk out of that courthouse with justice. AJ Richman rocks!
    - Camden Pace
    ""AJ Richman rocks!""
    Mr. Richman is the absolute best attorney you could ever hope to find. Trying to find a great criminal defense attorney when you really need one is like swimming through sharky waters while you are bleeding. AJ is a life boat. While on vacation, my fiancée and I had each been speared with really bogus criminal charges by local police who knew we were from out of town. Mr. Richman came highly recommended; and I immediately knew he was the attorney I needed when we met for consultation. AJ compassionately listened to my dilemma and then thoroughly explained the process I could expect. He kept me informed of all relevant developments through the process and promptly responded to all of my concerns. He fiercely fought for us every inch of the way and delivered the results he promised. He beat a very nasty and zealous prosecutor down into our cases being dismissed completely. It was a sweet feeling to walk out of that courthouse with justice. AJ Richman rocks!
    - Camden Pace
    Working with AJ was everything I was hoping for. There was constant contact and great advise. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and would recommend AJ without a doubt.
    - RMB
    "He will fight to the ends of the earth for you."
    No need to contact anyone in Buckhead or Atlanta, AJ is a top notch local attorney that fights like a pitbull with finesse . He leaves no stone unturned and is very detailed in his research to fight your case. He makes you comfortable from the beginning and is an overall really good, compassionate fella. He has a very straightforward approach and will inform you of the best and worse case scenario from the start. .I felt like we hit the jackpot the more I watched him "do his thing". I had a difficult case with many strikes against me and was very pleased with the outcome. I realize everyday that things should have been much worse. Jail time for me should have been up to 1 year and I only had to serve 1 1/2 days. There is no doubt that we would use his services again, if need be, and highly reccommend him. Thank You AJ!
    - Linda
    "We aren't from Georgia and AJ was the right in-state Attorney!"
    AJ was the right attorney for our case - we are not from Georgia, and we were very nervous about selecting an attorney for our case. AJ was definitely the right choice - great communicator, took his time to help talk us through a very stressful situation, and most importantly, his advice regarding pre-trial actions was spot-on. His local knowledge helped us get the best possible outcome in a tough situation.
    - Jim
    "Exactly as Predicted - AJ Did Exactly as he Said he Would Do...."
    AJ described the process of dealing with the Forsyth County Legal System to me precisely, and as AJ stated, the process went exactly as he described. AJ was able to navigate the Prosecutor's Office, the Judge in my Case, and predict the best possible outcome for me in my case, from the very beginning. And then AJ did exactly what he set out to do. The plea bargain arranged by AJ was the best possible solution in my case. AJ was more than ready to gear up for a jury trial, if he did not get what he thought was the best possible outcome, which gave me peace of mind that there was always another option. I strongly suggest using AJ Richman for all of your criminal defense needs. AJ's experience works in your best interest and AJ is there for you every step of the way.
    - Jim
    "Huge victory in my book"
    I came to AJ with 4 charges against me. AJ was able to have the major charges dissmissed which really saved my family and possibly some minor jail time. He walked me through his step by step game plan and the recommendation for pre trial advice for lesser severity in sentencing paid of great! Since I also drive for a living what he was able to do was detrimental for me and the way I support my family. Thank you AJ and I would highly recommend you to anyone I know needing a lawyer for charges against them.
    - Sean C
    "Genuine concern for the best interest of the client’s long-term succes"
    Working with AJ Richman, you can count on impressive response times, attention to professional detail, and genuine concern for the best interest of the client’s long-term success.
    - Kim
    "SImply the best!"
    AJ is simply the best. We hired AJ to help our son in a very sensitive, and highly publicized case in Georgia. Needless to say we were terrified for what the future held for our son. AJ was able to get the charge reduced to a misdemeanor with probation. From the moment we met AJ, he was professional, courteous, and kind. He never once judged our son and always made our family feel like he was determined to fight for the best possible outcome, which he ultimately achieved. We have since re-hired AJ for probation violations on this same case, and again AJ was there for our son. We feel like he is only ever a phone call away. If you are looking for a great attorney, to help you navigate one of the scariest experiences you will ever face, take my advice and make that call to AJ. You will be glad you did. Thank you AJ you are simply the best!!
    - Melanie S.
    "AJ is like a member of our family, now"
    When you need a criminal attorney, how do you go about looking for one? We were lucky enough to be referred by a friend in the court system to AJ. His paralegal started by assuring us that AJ is a great attorney that fights for his clients, but also sympathetic to the tough situation that we were in, and she was not exaggerating. AJ and his team did everything possible from the moment we hired them to the moment our business was concluded to help us in any and every way he could. When a family members freedom and future is at risk, it is comforting to know that the attorney you've hired is competent, tenacious, intelligent and caring. Thanks to you, AJ and your team for doing such a great job.
    - L
    "Really talented with the Forsyth county court system"
    AJ way great at helping me understand the charges and the direction my case would go in. After several discussions with the DA's office we were able to get the results I was looking for. Thank you AJ
    - Young and Talented
    "I am so thankful for AJ's service to our family!"
    AJ always took whatever time required to ensure that his explanations were clear and understood.
    - Pamela
    "Everything went perfectly"
    He did exactly what he said during our initial consultation.
    - Anonymous
    "Above and beyond what was expected!"
    AJ is an amazing attorney. He got to work quickly and seamlessly in my case with great communication.
    - Hayley
    "He is great to work with!"
    AJ was able to navigate us through our case and get it dismissed when there was potential for continuance.
    - Michael
    "We were very blessed to have him on our side!!"
    AJ and his staff are AWESOME!!! They are extremely professional, compassionate and always accessible.
    - Debbie
    "Great Job!"
    AJ is a very professional and knowledgeable attorney. He did a great job helping me with land use/zoning issue here in Forsyth County. His connections and expertise were very valuable and proved to be the difference in getting the the desired outcome. I highly recommend AJ if you need an attorney for any reason!
    - Matt
    "Excellent Attorney!"
    We needed immediate legal assistance in Forsyth County and provided AJ with only 36 hours’ notice. AJ compiled a stellar legal case to absolve our daughter of any liability. We were extremely impressed with his legal knowledge, ingenious creativity and perseverance to craft a legal settlement for our daughter. We will absolutely reach out to AJ again should a need arise.
    - Mindy
    "AJ Richmond is awesome!"
    AJ Richmond was very kind and professional. He took great measures to ensure that my speeding ticket was resolved so that I did not get points on my license. Not only did he save me an extreme amount of money, he also saved me from losing my job, due to driving a company vehicle. I am very thankful for his services and highly recommend him any legal needs. Daniel Sparks
    - Daniel Sparks
    "Very Professional"
    I was very impressed when I reached out to this firm for help with my case. Not only did I get my questions answered thoroughly, AJ made me feel comfortable and confident every step of he way. He was in constant communication in regards to the issues involved. I would recommend him to anyone in need of his services and I would not hesitate to contact his firm again.
    - DHarris
    "AJ's the best!"
    AJ is extremely helpful and an overall professional. He was more than able to assist me in getting the desired outcome in my case and would definitely use him again!
    - Ljones
    I kid you not, AJ and his staff are remarkable. I am a single mom working on a limited income. He not only helped me receive the best situation but pulled me through with excellent advice; his words portrayed his actions; and he was Honest! I can truly say I am impressed and I am so grateful for his professional and straight up approach. He went above and beyond- please believe me, you will be in the best hands with him! Sincerely, Samantha C.
    - Samantha Cocchiarella
    "Greater than Great"
    From day one, we knew AJ was the right choice. Our son needed a great attorney and AJ and his team surpassed that. We were made to feel like we were his only priority. AJ is very confident in what he does. He is honest and keeps you filled in about what is happening every step of the way. Not only does he make you feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel, but you can actually see the light. After 6 months, all charges against our son were dismissed. God Bless You AJ, Ms Lisa and Mr Tate. We highly recommend AJ and his team for your legal needs. You will not be disappointed!
    - Jennifer
    "I would recommend him to anyone! Especially those dealing with something where they feel as if their rights have been violated"
    My troubles began at the most unfortunate of times, like all things in life I suppose. I found AJ through my own research and everything from the first phone call to first consult brought reassurance that my needs would be met. He never sugar coated anything, which I apprciated, but he was also very confident that my case would be settled justicely. He has experience as a prosecutor and use teach police training when it comes to abiding by the law and honoring a persons rights. I think it was that amount of experience that gave us such a good outcome in court. He was easily reachable whenever I had questions pop up and his confidence with every answer gave me the hope I needed to stay strong and proactive throughout the entire process. He was clear about his fees and did not hide any costs from me. After what seemed like forever, due to the court system, AJ and I walked away with an end result that was even better than we could have Imagined. I would recommend him to anyone! Especially those dealing with something where they feel as if their rights have been violated.
    - Jessica O'Halloran
    "The best of the best!"
    A really great experience with AJ! I feel like he was very professional and handled my case with tact and resolved it with a better outcome that I was expecting. His investigator immediately got on the case and dug up things that were not even found out about in years. His aggressive and go-getter attitude towards resolving my case was really what I was looking for in a lawyer. A++++ recommended, do not look anywhere else but to AJ to resolve your case!
    - Mark C.
    "A friend in deed!"
    In the darkest hours when faith in the legal system was lowest AJ and his investigator did what others never attempted . Charges dismissed and resolution of my worst nightmare. In a system that simply taxes and bleeds you out finally someone that fought for me and my family ! Thank you so much everyone at Richman law firm
    - Peter Stapleton
    "The Best"
    Richman law firm is very dedicated to each client. Working with AJ and his team was a pleasant experience. He and his team kept me informed every step of the way. He returned my calls usually within 24 hours and if there was reason he couldn't he reached out by email or text. He knew I was nervous and he reassured me that we would work together for a positive result. He walked me through every step and he was right, I received a positive outcome for my case. I would highly recommend his firm. Mary
    - Mary
    "First Rate Attorney"
    I hired AJ to represent me in July 2015. He kept me informed throughout the entire process and was always available to answer any questions I had. He also got a better result in my case than what I had originally hoped for. I highly recommend AJ to anyone seeking a first rate attorney!
    - Outstanding Representation
    "AJ Rocks!"
    I hired AJ to represent me on a speeding ticket. AJ was very informative from day one and he kept me up to speed on each step. He did an awesome job and I finally got to meet AJ at court and I will have to say he was very nice and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer who will fight till the end for you. He is very well known in the courts and gets my highest recommendation of all.
    - Logan B.
    "Amazing attorney"
    Mr. Richman represented me less than a month ago. Not only did I get a better outcome than expected but he was very informative and and helpful. I would recommend Mr. Richman to anyone above all other attorneys I've ever been in contact with.
    - Kyle W
    "His Actions Speak Louder Than Words"
    I call him A.J., He is always available by phone or email, that he promptly answers. His knowledge with the Judicial system as by far the best. I would recommend his service no matter what case you have. He is the best attorney that you could ask for to really be in your corner. He completed my case to my satisfaction and I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.
    - Kevin Copp
    "Very easy to work with Mr. Richman"
    It was an excellent experience to work with Mr. Richman. Precise guidance. Prompt service. Timely resolution of matter.
    - Chirag Parikh
    "Talented and honest"
    In an extremely difficult situation, AJ and his team went to work on my behalf. He is one of the most hard working attorneys that you will ever be represented by. If you are in need of a great attorney look no further. AJ takes the time to explain everything, every step, and the pros and cons of your situation. I will say it was the most stressful 15 months of my life but AJ provided me that there was light at the end of the tunnel. I could not be more satisfied.
    - Mark
    ""Awesome Experience!""
    Going through one of the hardest times in my life, AJ was with me every step. He gave me confidence that my case mattered, and that he could win this thing. He did exactly that. My charges were reduced significantly, and my record will remain almost spotless thanks to AJ. He was very professional through the process and continually communicated with me through a very long process. I never thought the outcome would be this great. Thanks AJ!
    - Adam Dunton
    "Thanks for the responsive support"
    A.J. took great care of me and made sure I was well prepared to handle my situation. If you are in need I reccmmend Richman Law Firm because they do excellent work.
    - Thaís
    "AMAZING attorney!!!"
    AJ was able to put me at ease during this very difficult time in my life! Not only was he very knowledgeable and professional, but he gave me confidence not only in him but in myself. I always felt better after talking to him!!! Don't even bother talking to other law firms, Richman Law Firm is the ONLY way to go!!!
    - Kris C.
    "Amazing Attorney!!"
    AJ represented me in a case that was not typical for his area of expertise. He went the extra mile in every aspect to ensure my success, and prevailed. He is a rare breed of attorney that will get the job done, while maintaining excellent character. I was more than pleased with his attentiveness and perseverance regarding my case, and have since recommended him to others that were also extremely pleased. He is genuinely a great person and a very experienced and respected attorney. I highly recommend him!
    - Lauren
    ""Ethical character, competent and hard working""
    Having been put into a situation requiring the help of an attorney I asked others for recommendations. I selected AJ and his team. During my initial interview AJ was thorough in questioning me and the circumstances surrounding the situation. He followed up with an explanation of all potential outcomes of my case. I left his office confident and understood why he was so highly recommended. Above all I respect ethical character, hard work, and competence. I could tell immediately that this was the kind of team I had hired. They were very responsive to ALL questions and concerns, returning calls and emails on the same day. I was not left wondering about my case, knowing every step of the way. I was never more thankful for the Richman Law Firm team than when I heard “case dismissed, all charges dropped”. They are the real deal, ethical, hard working, and competent. I highly recommended them should you ever need an attorney.
    - Dan Poisson
    "Exceptional Experience"
    Working with Mr. Richman was a very satisfying experience. Mr. Richman and his staff provided prompt courteous service, clear concise direction and produced an outcome that exceeded all my expectations. I highly recommend Mr. Richman’s legal services .
    - Stuart B.
    "Impressive Attorney"
    From the first phone conversation we knew AJ was the right attorney. He answered all of our questions and never pressured us to hire him. He always kept us up to date on the case and was always accessible to answer questions. His hard work on our case turned out to have a favorable outcome. We would highly recommend AJ.
    - Michael M
    "Fantastic Lawyer"
    AJ was court appointed to me a few years back, I had no money to pay him yet he absolutely went out of his way to take amazing care of me. He went above and beyond his call of duty to make sure I had a fair day in court. I highly recommend him if your looking for a lawyer to help with any issues you have. AJ is the one you need to chose. FANTASTIC lawyer!!
    - Aric Seigler
    "Miracle worker"
    AJ is an exceptional attorney. He communicates well and works hard toward the best outcome possible. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders thanks to AJ and I couldn't be more grateful!
    - Stanya G.
    "it came out just as he said it would"
    i was ref to AJ and called him. we talked about my sons challenges. he told me what needed to be done and what could happen. it came out just as he said it would. keep in mind this all happened in a very short period of time, thank you AJ.
    "The Richman Law Firm is A+!!"
    We have worked with AJ for almost 2 years now on two different cases and only have positive accolades regarding him and his team. He is confident, diligent, purposeful, persistent, knowledgeable and well connected.
    - Carla
    "From the beginning, I felt calm and comfortable speaking with AJ"
    From the beginning, I felt calm and comfortable speaking with AJ, He put me at ease about my situation. AJ is not judgmental in the least.Now that my ordeal is over, I realize that others don't have the quality representation that AJ provided me.Thank you
    - Anonymous
    "Exactly what we needed and more"
    AJ was the perfect choice to represent my teenager. AJ has experience on both sides of the law, and he has tremendous experience working with juveniles.
    - Anonymous
    "Great Lawyer"
    Mr. Richman was able to negotiate with Forsyth County to have no points added to my license and reduced the speed as well. He took care of everything.
    - Harold
    "AJ made my life so much easier."
    My son needed an attorney to fight a guilty by association charge. AJ made my life so much easier.
    - Kendra
    "Highly Recommend"
    We hired AJ for a speeding violation that required a court appearance. He was wonderful to work with.
    - Linda
    "AJ Richman is terrific."
    AJ Richman is terrific. He helped me out tremendously on a case for my daughter. He has always been very professional, courteous, and he has always demonstrated specific attention to detail.
    - Lynn
    "Thank You AJ and everyone at the firm for all you did!!"
    AJ and his crew are full of professionalism. I used his counsel on a difficult case and appreciate the fact he gets straight to the point.
    - Veronica
    "Thanks to the hard work of AJ and his team, we won our case."
    I would highly recommend the Richman Law Firm. Our family went through one of the most difficult times we've ever experienced.
    - Kathleen