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Case Results

  • Warrant Dismissed Probation Violation
    I received a call from a mother whose son was in jail for 45 days. Over the 45 days, he did not attend a hearing for his arrest and was not assigned a public defender. His arrest occurred because both a warrant and his probation officer said he failed a drug test. As a result of this alleged probation violation, my client was being held in jail until a judge could sentence him to prison. Immediately after we received the call, our firm began investigating the allegations against our client and reviewed the so-called “positive” drug test. Based on our finding, the probation officer did not follow the proper protocol when he administered the drug test. In fact, after the test was sent to an independent crime lab, the results came back negative! The warrant was dismissed and my client was released from jail the next day!
  • Dismissed Suspended License
    My client was arrested in DeKalb County, Georgia for driving on a suspended license. Unfortunately, the Gwinnett County, Georgia court did not enter her previous speeding ticket into the system correctly, which wrongfully suspended her license. Despite my client’s insistence that the suspended license was a misunderstanding, she was arrested. Once we were hired to handle the case, we made the decision that we would fight the suspended license charge. We were adamant that nothing less than a dismissal would be acceptable! After speaking with the Department of Driver Services’ (Georgia’s DMV office) legal department, I was able to have them correct my client’s driver’s record. With this information in hand, I contacted the prosecutor assigned to the case and was able to get the charges dismissed.
  • Dismissed Temporary Protective Order (TPO) Against a Police Officer
    Sometimes the law is not on the side of those who vow to protect and serve. Sometimes even police officers need assistance from defense attorneys. I was honored when my client, a police officer, hired me to handle a temporary protective order case on his behalf. His ex-girlfriend said he punched her in the mouth, threw her on the ground, held a gun to her head, and fired multiple shots in front of her. Outrageous claims that, if true, could send him to prison and would end his law enforcement career. We arrived for trial at the Forsyth County Superior Court. Despite our client’s innocence, we tried to negotiate with opposing counsel, but his client refused our requests. So, we fought. After a full day in court, the judge ruled in our favor and dismissed the TPO. My client was able to get back to work, and can now move on with his life.
  • Dismissed DUI
    My client was stopped by police officers in Lumpkin County, Georgia. The officers smelled alcohol coming from her breath and noticed she was slurring her words and stumbling. They made her perform “field sobriety tests” to ensure she could properly drive a car. They also made her blow into a preliminary breath test, which detects the presence of alcohol in a human body. As a result of these tests and observations, the police officers arrested her for DUI. My firm conducted an extensive investigation into the arrest, and discussed the results with the prosecutor. Based on the facts we presented to the prosecutor, the State of Georgia completely dismissed the DUI.
  • Reduced Felony Battery
    Police officers arrested my client for committing a domestic violence battery against his girlfriend, based on a statement given to the officers and noticeable signs of injury. Without Miranda warnings or probable cause to enter the residence, officers barged into my client’s home and spoke to him. My client told the officers he acted in self-defense, but was arrested anyway. He, too, had visible injuries. The plea offer given to my client by the prosecution included him entering a guilty plea to a felony charge with one year in jail, followed by four years of probation. Following our firm’s investigation, we proved the argument did not happen the way the police officers said it did, and we were able to get my client’s charges reduced to misdemeanor with absolutely no prison time.
  • Dismissed Suspended License Ticket
    My client, a professional in the community, was arrested for driving with a suspended license. Another state had mistakenly suspended his license and did not provide him with any notice. This led to my client being accidentally arrested. After our firm met with the prosecutor, we were able to get the suspended license ticket dismissed.
  • Dismissed Traffic Accident Citation
    My client was involved in a car accident in Cumming, Georgia. The police officer said she was at fault. She disagreed and hired us. After reviewing the case and determining that our client was in fact not at fault, we contacted the prosecutor. The result of our conversation was a dismissed citation.
  • Dismissed Felony Terroristic Threats
    Police officers arrested my client for the crime of Terroristic Threats based on the allegation that she threatened to shoot another person. Terroristic Threats is a felony and carries a possible five year prison sentence. My client was adamant she did not violate the law. While the prosecutor initially agreed to reduce the charge to a petty misdemeanor offense, our firm did not want to agree to a reduced charge. There was no reason for my client to plead guilty because she was not guilty. Due to our persistence and my client’s innocence, in the end, my firm was able to get all of her charges dismissed!
  • Reduced Speeding Ticket
    We received a call to represent a client on a speeding ticket. All my client asked for was no points on his driver’s license. In addition to making sure that my client did not received any points from his ticket, my firm was able to have the actual speeding violation and fine reduced.
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