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Title IX is meant to provide protections to college and university students against gender discrimination and various forms of sex offenses on campus. However, seemingly more often than not, Title IX is actually used to bring false accusations against students and dole out punishment quickly and separate from any official legal proceedings.

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If you have been accused of a sex-related violation by a fellow college or university student, you need to act quickly to protect your education and reputation. The Education Amendments Act of Title IX allows you to seek legal counsel and request a fair hearing before any penalties are used against you. I, Attorney Andrew J. Richman of Richman Law Firm in Cumming and Dahlonega, can help you by providing the same steadfast defense representation I offer to people accused of serious crimes.

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Title IX Processes Favor the Accuser

Accusations against a student brought forth through Title IX are so problematic because they begin a process that does not belong to the criminal justice system. That is to say, you will not be brought before a criminal court for judgment and sentencing. Instead, Title IX processes are purely administrative and handled by the administrative members of the university or college, typically board members.

When you are accused of a sex-related crime by another university student, you will typically be notified by the faculty later that you are being targeted by a Title IX investigation. You will not have much time to react and plan your defense, though. Administrators move quickly to conclude Title IX cases because the school could lose federal funding if a case is mishandled. The end result is the accused are punished swiftly more often than not, even if there is no evidence of misconduct.

Disciplinary actions that could be used against you:

  • Removal from certain classes
  • Expulsion from the campus
  • Temporary suspension from all classes
  • Degree or transcript withholding
  • Forced “no contact” with certain students
  • Barred access to common areas

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You need to act quickly when you are targeted by a Title IX investigation. With my 24/7 availability, you can contact my law office in Cumming and Dahlonega the moment you are notified of the investigation or accusation. Remember: You never have to be found guilty of any criminal violation in order for your university’s administration to penalize you based solely on a single Title IX accusation. Start protecting your education, future career, reputation, and more before justice is decided for you by campus administrators with no legal backgrounds.

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