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Charges Dropped, Charges Reduced


My client, let’s call him John, is a professional and holds advanced graduate degrees. John had a lot to lose if he was convicted of a crime.

John, was pulled over by a cop in Dawson County for going 68 m.p.h. in a 55 m.p.h. zone. He had an out of state license plate on his car. The cop approached him, questioned him, and arrested him. The cop told him his driver’s license was suspended and that he had no choice but to take him to jail. The cop never verified why the license was suspended; he simply relied on the computer he had in his patrol car. John was placed in handcuffs, searched, and went to jail. There, he was searched again, his property and shoes were taken, and he was forced to sit in a cell wearing plastic, orange flip flops until a bond was posted.

John got out of jail and came to my office. The fight was on. I filed my entry of appearance to inform Mr. Prosecutor who he was up against. Mr. Prosecutor is a fantastic lawyer. We handled cases together in the past. I explained to Mr. Prosecutor the problems with his case. He listened. He agreed. He dismissed the criminal charge. John paid a reduced fine on the remaining petty traffic ticket.

John was innocent of having a suspended license. He knew it. I knew it. Mr. Prosecutor knew it. Cop didn’t.

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