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Drug screens aren’t always what they appear. My client, let’s call him Doug, learned that the hard way. Doug was on probation for a crime he admitted to doing. Doug was honest with the Court and accepted responsibility. Doug messed up a few years ago, but was working hard to right his wrongs and make a better life for himself. However, two weeks ago Doug tested positive on a random drug screen he was required to give as a condition of his probation. He immediately went to jail.

After five days, Doug, who was still sitting in jail, hired me to help him. I informed him that Georgia law requires there to be a hearing within 72 hours of an arrest, and so we got to work immediately.

Knowing Doug was innocent and that drug test was an unfortunate instance of a false positive reading, the Richman Law Firm took the appropriate legal action and we were able to get Doug’s charges dismissed.

Another probation violation success story for Richman Law Firm!

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