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Looking For An Attorney? Read This First


My clients are unique. Each of them has a different story; a different case; a different dilemma. And, each of them will have a different outcome. Guaranteed.

They need my full attention.

Ever since I became a prosecutor, I was always amazed by how and why certain attorneys were able to sign clients. Certainly it wasn't for their courtroom presence or skills. They were mostly late to court appearances and routinely pled clients guilty, after probably having told them, "You are getting a heck of a deal." They also seemed to be "that" attorney who never remembered what their client looked like. Of course, their response to the client would be, "I'm so popular and have so many clients, it's hard to remember them all." My response: No, you believe in quantity over quality and cannot provide adequate representation to your client. And these attorneys generally have the clients who stand up at the call of the calendar to say, "I haven't spoken to my attorney since I paid him. I just speak to the secretary." I can tell you that judges hate this. If judges don't like your attorney, they won't like you.

Forsyth County has a lot of attorneys. A lot. So it's important that you ask the prospective attorney questions like, "Can I reach you over the weekend?" or "How often do I receive an update on my case?" If the attorney hesitates, walk away.

My firm uses modern technology in everything we do, from our first meeting to your trial. We have a client portal system that allows you to view and comment on your file 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You always know what is going on in your case. As far as getting in contact with me, here's my cell phone number - 678-935-6268. You're at work and don't have enough privacy to call me? Text me. Want my email address? It is . If you want to try out our client portal system, just call me and I'll email you the link.

Think twice before you sign that contract. Ask yourself, "Is this the attorney AJ Richman warned me about?" Chances are if you're thinking whether to ask that question, it probably is time you walked out of that meeting.

Call me to set up a free consultation. I want to hear about your case.

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