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"How Much Do You Charge"?


The Richman Law Firm receives numerous phone calls from potential clients everyday. We answer questions about DUI license suspension, bond issues, and other various issues about a criminal case. Consistently, however, are questions about price. "How much do you charge for a DUI?" "How much do you charge to represent me on a traffic ticket?" "Will you work with me on a payment plan?"

First, criminal defense is all about getting what you pay for. If you want the cheapest lawyer, you may be better off hiring a general practitioner who handles all types of law, such as family law, civil law, criminal law, bankruptcy law, and maritime law. That specific lawyer will not be well-versed in criminal defense, will not be up-to-date on the latest research and case law in this field, and certainly will not be familiar with the prosecutor and judge in your county. He may be cheaper, but probably won't fight for you—how can you fight if you don't know what battle to choose? I would equate this to a cancer patient going to a family practitioner for treatment, instead of going to an oncologist. Likewise, don't think only the most expensive lawyer is better. You may think you're paying for his or her "years of experience." Most of the time, you won't even be dealing with that lawyer on your case. Instead, you'll have his or her associate, with no way of contacting them after-hours. And you will most likely only have contact with a paralegal during office hours.

My firm practices criminal defense, all day, every day. If you have a civil or a divorce matter, I will refer you to the best attorney in that field. You are hiring me to attend court with you, to conduct investigations, and to speak with anytime, day and night.

The price of a DUI or criminal case varies from case to case. It would be totally improper to charge a fixed amount per DUI case. Did you blow into or refuse the Intoxilyzer breath machine? Did you perform the standardized field sobriety tests? What training did the officer go through? What type of drugs were found in your car, and how were they found? Do you have co-defendants? What county and city did your arrest occur in?

I don't believe in charging all DUI clients $5,000, if I can do the work less. Likewise, I could not represent a client to my fullest abilities and conduct a complete investigation if I undercharge you. That wouldn't be fair to you.

My firm accepts payment plans on certain types of cases. A lot of our clients attend the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega, Georgia in Lumpkin County. We know those students do not have a substantial amount of money to invest up front in a legal defense. Similarly, we know most of our other potential clients do not anticipate being arrested, and therefore have not set aside a rainy day legal fund. The Richman Law Firm will work with you. We do it everyday.

Give us a call. That part is free. Let's talk about your case and see what we can do to help you through the criminal justice process.

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