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Enotah DA Disqualified from Man's Case Due to Attorney Richman's Quick Thinking


Jeff Langley, the Enotah Circuit District Attorney, is no longer permitted to prosecute Jonathon Morgan due to a breach of client-attorney confidentiality. Jonathon Morgan, a client of Attorney Andrew Richman, faces a 21-count indictment including charges of rape, aggravated sodomy, and aggravated child molestation. Morgan requested a review from the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities following the charges, but this report somehow ended up in the hands of a staff prosecutor.

The confidential competency report was going to be used to attest to Jonathon Morgan’s ability to stand trial, but after the evaluation was complete it was shared with the wrong authorities. The psychological report was mistakenly sent to the office of Jeff Langley, where the email was subsequently opened by a staff prosecutor. The woman who received the email says she opened it and “glanced” at it. However, Attorney Richman argued that this simply wasn’t fair.

According to Attorney Richman, due to attorney-client privilege, the prosecutor was simply not permitted to read the health report. By opening the psychological evaluation the office should be disqualified from prosecuting Morgan’s case. To do so, Attorney Richman filed a motion to have the DA taken from the case, which was set for trial next month.

Attorney Richman argued, very simply, “my client’s future is on the line, and I will do everything within the rules of ethics to ensure his rights are protected.”

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