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How to Prepare For Virtual Hearings


Since the onset of the worldwide pandemic, most institutions have had to resort to remote work. Courtroom hearings have not been spared either. Now, the legal fraternity and the public has to get used to virtual hearings.

Unlike ordinary court where all you needed to do was show up in court for the hearing, there is a lot more preparation needed for remote court hearings.

Here are a few tips for a successful virtual hearing:

1. Dress the Part

If you are a lawyer, you must still dress the part -- well, at least from the waist upwards. Your suit must be just as good as the one you would put on during a regular hearing in court. Sloppiness is absolutely not permissible just because it is a virtual hearing.

2. A Good Set of Headphones

Most people wonder why they have an echo problem during a virtual meeting. A good set of headphones will get rid of any bounce-back sound since the output will be channeled into them. Using a speaker alone will give you the echo issue that is annoying to everyone participating in the hearing.

3. A Stable Internet Connection

Ensure that your internet connection is stable and won't kick you out of the virtual meeting room. A good internet connection will also not lag causing you to miss out on sections of the hearing. Additionally, always schedule the meeting link and join earlier in a waiting room, which most virtual meeting software should have.

4. Make Sure All Your Devices are Charged to Last the session

There isn't much more to add to this last point. A low battery on your laptop is not a good way to show up for your remote hearing.

Finally, you should find a really quiet space in your house or office for the session. It is essential that you avoid all kinds of distractions and interruptions even if it means taping a sign to your door to communicate you are busy. Finally, feel free to contact us for more information on hearings and representation.

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