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Home Booze Delivery: Easing Alcohol Purchase Restrictions in Georgia


Georgians now have the legal right to have their favorite alcoholic beverages delivered to their doorsteps albeit with a couple of restrictions. Georgia Governor Kemp signed HB 879 into law to enable the delivery of liquor, wine and beer, easing alcohol purchase restrictions in Georgia.


Customers in the area can buy alcohol from bars, restaurants, grocery stores, apps and a number of package and retail stores but proof of ID is required at the door when the delivery guy shows up. The bill was passed in June 2020 but legislation does not include Georgia's breweries and distillers.

The Department of Revenue is expected to draw up the measures and guidelines needed for businesses to be in compliance with the law, which means retailers will have to be patient for a few months. Being able to provide an alcohol delivery service is a worthwhile additional source of revenue for bars and restaurants grappling with the coronavirus pandemic.

In regards to how alcohol delivery to homes will work for consumers, the bill requires people to accept deliveries in person, be at least 21 years old and have appropriate identification. Local municipalities are at liberty to determine the businesses that will deliver alcohol, comparable to the Brunch Bill of 2018 that had a provision for opting out of selling alcohol from 11am on Sundays.


Can a package store or grocery store provide online sales for alcohol with curbside pickup or delivery?
Yes, package stores, grocery stores and other alcohol retailers that do not sell alcohol for consumption within the premises are allowed to provide alcohol sales online for curbside pickup or delivery.

Will customers need to be present when orders arrive?
Yes, deliveries can only be received in person for the purpose of verifying identity and age.

As the new law gathers momentum, businesses will enjoy more flexibility in terms of pickup areas and curbside pickup services to meet their customers' needs. Please get in touch with Richman Law Firm if you need advice or have any inquiries.

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