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Criminal Background and Records


Criminal Record

Almost every day, I get questions like:

  • "Will the DUI be on my record?"
  • "The charges were thrown out, but will the case still show up on my criminal history?"
  • "I used first offender, so the arrest isn't on my record, right?"

My answer always is: "It depends."

I realize that's not the answer you want, but did you know there are at least 15 different ways to run an official background check? Even worse, there are private companies such as LexisNexis and TLO that run private, non-official background checks. These types of checks are much more inaccurate and can be detrimental to you due to misreporting. Most employers, unfortunately, run unofficial background checks because it's cheaper and finds more information on people (even if untrue or inaccurate), which gives the employer a better idea on who the applicant is.

Want to see what's on your official criminal history? Easy. Go to your local Sheriff's Office and ask for a background check. They will run your fingerprints, charge you a few dollars, and print out a report for you to keep. If you've ever been arrested, I would highly recommend you do this after the case closes to make sure your official background check matches what you believe the case closed to.


  1. Here is a link to some FAQs on obtaining your criminal history and background record.
  1. Here is a link to my other blog article discussing how to remove your mugshot off the internet.
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